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What to Expect

What You Can Expect When
You Hire Paver Seal Team


Our professional cleaning method and equipment will:

  • Clean the cracks between your pavers, as well as the surface
  • Never leave "swirl marks" or "tiger stripes"
  • Remove any moss and mildew growth

Walkway Pavers Cleaned and Sealed
Pathway Pavers Cleaned and Sealed


Our commercial-grade, penetrating sealers will:

  • Restore your pavers’ color to its full potential
  • Never cause an unnatural glossy appearance
  • Help protect your pavers from any future color fade
  • Never result in pavers that turn grey, cloudy or milky
  • Prevent your pavers from becoming slippery when wet
  • Never leave roller marks, overlap marks or drip marks
  • Always result in a consistent appearance (no heavy or light areas)

Fixing Problems

Unfortunately, one of the most common issues we encounter is home or business owners whose brick, travertine or natural stone pavers have begun to turn grey and cloudy as the result of a less than professional paver sealing job. Regardless of whether the sealing was done by a subpar company, or even the homeowner themselves, the end result is the same: unsightly roller or drip marks, grey and cloudy-looking pavers and a great deal of unnecessary grief and expense.

Contact Paver Seal Team to clean and seal your brick, travertine or natural stone pavers and we will get the job done right...the first time!

Pool Deck Cleaned and Sealed
Patio Pavers Cleaned and Sealed


Ever since first opening for business in 2009, it has been extremely important to us to price all of our jobs competitively.

Our customers are often surprised when they discover that they don't have to pay any more for a high-quality and professional paver cleaning and sealing job, completed by the experts at Paver Seal Team than they would pay a handyman or pool service guy, who does NOT have the specialized expertise in paver maintenance.

Simply put, if you trust Paver Seal Team to do your residential or commercial paver cleaning and/or sealing job, you will receive nothing less than top-notch customer service at a fair and competitive price. And, since all our work is backed by a 1-Year Warranty, we can guarantee your complete and utter satisfaction.

Time Requirements

Most jobs can be completely cleaned, rinsed and sealed in just one day!

Foot traffic is usually okay about 4 to 6 hours after application. You can safely drive on your freshly-sealed pavers in approximately 24 to 72 hours, depending on which type sealer was needed for your particular pavers.


At Paver Seal Team we take pride in our work...

That’s why we stand behind each and every paver cleaning and sealing job we do with a 1-Year Warranty! (A copy of which will always be included within your initial price quote)

Driveway Pavers Cleaned and Sealed

Want to Keep Your Paver Looking Great?

Here's What You Need to Know!

  • DO NOT use any kind of film-forming sealer on your pavers here in in Southwest Florida! Your pavers need to breath (allow normal evaporation through the surface of the pavers). Xylene sealers (the type most often sold and used locally) will eventually turn grey or milky. It's the same with polymer acrylic sealers, water-based sealers and urethane sealers (also film-formers). They will ALL cause the long-term problem of "greying".
  • They will all cause long-term problems of "greying." If you drive around your neighborhood, you will notice driveways that have a grey caste. You will not have a graying problem if Paver Seal Team does your job.
  • On a related note, we often recondition driveways and pool decks that have already gone grey and milky. More often than not we are able to recondition a driveway or deck simply by using our normal cleaning and sealing method. We are often able to return the normal color of your pavers and not charge any more than our normal rate.
  • We recommend that you do NOT clean your pavers with chlorine. And if you do (which, as we just stated, is ill-advised at best), be sure to use a mixture that is AT LEAST 50% water and rinse the chlorinated solution off of your pavers immediately with plenty of water to prevent chemical burns.
  • NEVER use hydrochloric acid (a.k.a. muriatic acid) on your pavers, unless you are an experienced professional and know exactly what you are doing. Muriatic acid is so incredibly corrosive that it will pit your pavers’ surfaces, causing permanent and irrevocable damage.
  • NEVER do any automobile or golf cart maintenance on a paver surface. Battery acid burns are all too common on driveways and cause permanent damage. Also be sure that you DO NOT spray tire cleaning aerosols around pavers, as they contain a silicone-based sealer that may never come off.